I should have started a LONG time ago…

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Greetings fellow WordPress users! I named my first post “I should have started a LONG time ago…” because I have been writing for about 4 years now, but never did it online since I enjoy the notion of a pen on paper, old-school, I know! Anyways,  I will begin by introducing myself…be prepared, once I start, I won’t shut up! Haha! My name is Guadalupe Rocha, you might already know that, but I prefer to be called Lupe. I “graduated” early May from Columbia with my bachelor’s in Marketing Communications. I say “graduated” because I yet have to obtain 7 credits to be completely done with school. A little background on that…I would have graduated on time, if I would have never dropped an online class my sophomore year, and if my Intro to Media teacher didn’t grade students based on if she liked them or not! When I was informed that I would not be able to graduate on time, I felt like my whole world had collapsed on top of me.

I am the type of person who likes to be on top of my game, always on time and right on track. Hearing this news felt like a failure to me, but my older sister spoke to me about the situation and made me realize that even though I was not fully done in May, I was still going to be done! I just see things differently sometimes, it drives me nuts! I am a worrier, a stress-er, and all these things push me to the limit to do whatever I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. Nevertheless, I made the best of the situation, spoke to my professors for advice and decided to go in search of an internship to obtain school credit and experience. I am happy to say that I am currently interning for a “middle man” marketing company near the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago! I am currently on my second week, and I have 9 more weeks to go! Wooohooo!

I live in the South West suburb of Summit, and I hate it. I moved there almost 3 years ago because my father passed away in 2008 and we had to move into my grandmother’s house (from my mom’s side). We moved in with her because: 1) It was better for my mother 2) We couldn’t afford living on our own, and 3) We had to get away from my father’s family because we had unnecessary issues with them (that’s a whole other story!). Anyways, I don’t like living here because I grew up living in the city, and I am used to being in the city and most of all close to all my familiar friends and surroundings. I also dislike the fact that my mother and I have to live in someone’s home, rather than our own, but we have no choice just yet.

Along with these dislikes of living in Summit, or like some call it “Scummit”,  came a positive…in May 2009 a rather creepy, but astonishing event happened. Be prepared, this is an awesome story!  In 2008 the city of Chicago held its last Looptopia event, which was a dusk-to-dawn cultural event held in the downtown Loop area.  I attended the event for my second year with a group of friends, and as we posed for a group picture, a random stranger ruined it by walking across the shot! He then said, “Sorry, I hope I didn’t ruin the picture…HEY! Is it okay if I jump in with you guys?!” And being the spontaneous person that I am, I replied saying, “YEAH! Let’s take a picture!” And that was the end of that, we took a picture and continued our night. As we walked away, I mentioned to my friends how amazing life was, how we come across so many people everyday, never to see them again…BOY WAS I WRONG! Haha! Almost a year later, on April 2009 a friend passed away due to a car accident and when I attended the wake I saw a guy whose grief impacted me. That week my friend stalked MySpace, yes we were into MySpace at the time, and found this guy who caused me to cry at the wake and to our astonishment, we actually had encountered this guy BEFORE! It was the stranger from the picture, and we knew this because he had the picture up on his MySpace page. What are the odds of that one!? Jeez! Haha! I added the guy, and the coincidences keep on coming! As we talked getting to know a bit about each other, we learned that we lived 3 blocks away from each other. About a month later, we decided to officially hang out…that day ended up being on May 2nd 2009…EXACTLY a year from our first encounter! Of course we didn’t know this fact at the time, but about 6 months later when we were browsing through old pictures and noticed the dates on pictures that we took that first official day. We began hanging out daily, and in July 2009 we were official! I have to admit, that after all the ups and downs, I am happy to be with my stranger danger, Reymundo Rodriguez.

Jeez this is long! I told you guys I wouldn’t stop haha!

So that’s that…How does it feel to be out of school with a bachelor’s you might wonder? At the moment…PETRIFYING! I feel so lost and overwhelmed with everything! When I was still in school, people always told me that it was hard to find a job, but in the back of my mind I always thought “because you aren’t looking hard enough!”, but now I know what they were talking about! It was hard enough to find an internship! It’s been two weeks since I got out of school and I have pretty much been job hunting every day, Monday through Thursday! So far, I have emailed nine different companies, and had no luck yet. This isn’t the base of my fear though. I am a college graduate, and I feel like I don’t know anything about anything! I mean, I know my marketing stuff, but I’m no pro at it since I haven’t really practiced it in the “real world” yet. Another aspect of my fears is the fact that I am clueless as to what I want to do with this profession! A speaker once told me, “…figure out what you want out of a job, try to figure out where you want to be in 10 years…” For some, this isn’t hard, but for me, being the clueless person that I am right now, I have no idea what kind of job I am even searching for! I am lost at sea! I don’t have anyone to guide me through the world of marketing, teach me the ways in a company, or even give me brief information about how it is to work in marketing! I know I’m looking for an entry-level job, for sure, but what does that entail when I don’t even know what I want to do? Marketing is a HUGE clump of things put together to create beauty! Where can one even disembark! While in school, I worked on a little bit of everything (prepare yourselves for a long list of “yada-yada-ing”). Public relations, which I loved because I enjoy writing. Advertising, which was my concentration and chose because of the creativeness it entails. Market research, which was interesting since we learn about consumer behavior and what motivates them to purchase in order for the marketer to create and execute something that will speak to them. Sales Promotion, since it strives for creative ways to create a loyalty to a product/brand. Introduction to media, which taught me about creating a media plan for an advertiser on different platforms and the process itself is interesting! Interactive media, something we should all know very well, since we are all part of that enormous movement! And these are just SOME of the things I worked on in school that I fell in love with. I constantly think about marketing, and what people are doing to execute new ideas…my boyfriend thinks I’m nuts! Haha! I catch myself sometimes, but what can I say? I’m a constant thinker!

On another note, most job descriptions that I have recently seen state:

“Requirements for this position include:
• Good listener
• Strong attention to detail
• Ability to work in a fast and demanding organization
• Self motivation to grow and succeed
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to identify and understand issues and develop appropriate solutions quickly and effectively.
• Exceptional organizational and project management skills
• Ability to work independently and contribute in a team environment”

And it sucks because this is a description of me in a NUTSHELL! And even though I state this on my resume, potential employers don’t really know that! I’m a good listener, I might not always catch every word, but that’s when I ask for clarification. I tend to write important things down, just in case anyways. I always pay attention to detail, it can be the smallest thing that I notice, but those little things will be the ones to make a BIG difference. Not only do I know this about myself, but peers have told me that I do so as well. I work in a fast environment, because I’m used to living a fast paced life. Everything is “rush, rush, rush” and sometimes I wish I could slow down, but reality is, that if you slow down you get left behind! Self motivation to grow and succeed? I’m Hispanic, and come from a culture in which parents are typically immigrants and don’t know a thing about the importance of college education in the United States. I worked hard, and all by myself to learn about colleges, their importance, and the financial aspects of attending college. I found a school, applied, and pushed myself to this moment I am in right now. I did everything by myself! Of course my parents were supporting me, but I never had that guidance that others are lucky to have. I did it all to be a successful person. Only I can motivate myself. Excellent communication skills, yes I get nervous, but if I don’t understand, I WILL speak up and be heard! Identifying and solving issues? I’ve always been a problem solver, ever since high school, I’ve been told by teachers that I am good at seeing an issue and trying to come up with a solution before it gets bigger than it is. Organizational skills, I know I have them because I am a bit of a neat freak…I have an agenda in which I write everything down…it comes with me everywhere and it is FULL of post it notes, with tons and tons of notes. I hardly lose things, because I know where I place everything. There is the occasional, “I can’t find it, I think I lost it!” moments, but that’s because I’m not perfect! Ability to work independently and contribute in a team environment? Have been practicing this since school began. I love to work in teams; it brings for more thoughts, ideas and feed back on work. But there is times when teams don’t work due to some team mates slacking off and not doing what they are supposed to do! In which case, I try to make the best of it. I can also work well alone, I’ve been doing things by myself for quite some time now, so I’m sure I’m good at it too…

Anyways, that’s me and what my life entails at the moment, hope your eyes stuck with me to the end! Haha!

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