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I was reading the newspaper this morning and came across a really interesting Twitter trend started by Metromix and RedEye. Since Chicago is undergoing a heat wave, they asked people to use the #itsSoHotThat hashtag to share their opinions on the heat and boy do we have some creative people out there! I love it! Here are some of the Tweets:

Irish Bistro” #ItsSoHotThat our Ribs for #ChicagoRibFest this weekend may just cook themselves!”

Marcus” #itssohotthat the devil looking for a pool”

Molly “#ItsSoHotThat when a bus drives past, the cloud of exhaust feels refreshing… ew.”

Interniowsnx“#itssohotthat my sweat is sweating”

Schantzlaw#ItsSoHotThat my dog doesn’t even want to go outside. He’s like “nah man, I’ll hold it a while longer.”

Metromix”#ItsSoHotThat I’ve smacked 3 people today: “Is THIS what you wanted when you were complaining about winter? Huh?! Is it?!”

Dbrians”#ItsSoHotThat I’m not waiting for the Chicago River cleanup, I’m going in now.”

Teddy J. “#ItsSoHotThat My ice cream cone melted two seconds after being served”.

Brian Moore “#ITSSOHOTTHAT the Bleacher Bums aren’t drinking their beer at Wrigley, they’re pouring it on their heads”




That’s just some of the entertaining Tweets fellow Chicagoans shared on the hear hovering Chicago these past two days.


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